I know every trick in the book.

  • Worked as a researcher for Google Answers
  • Worked on Google’s search quality team
  • Co-founded a very successful Google Ads business
  • Currently working for Australia’s biggest digital marketing agency, as their Google Ads expert
  • Am a Gold Product Expert at the official Google Ads forum – that means they fly me to the Googleplex every couple of years, amongst other perks.

I wrote my first AdWords ad in 2002, and soon after I was the co-founder of Compassive, a highly respected and successful affiliate marketing company – we specialised in AdWords. At our peak we had 12 staff in the USA, and exclusive clients such as Garmin, AbeBooks, Anthony Robbins, Maps.com, American Apparel, Teleflora and Buy Costumes.

We delivered over 150,000 individual sales to our merchant partners annually, with a value in excess of $15 million. Our search engine advertisements were displayed over 100 million times.

When Google’s policies made it impossible to continue, I dabbled in buying and selling domain names for a few years, and I still am enjoying it as an interesting challenge.

Since 2014 I have been the Google Ads guru at a major marketing agency. Many of the accounts I work on are household names.

I have worked on accounts with monthly budgets of $300, and others with budgets in the six figures.