My service is a bit different, so please read:


I’m not an agency. I almost called this business Not An Agency. Agencies need to pay for offices, cleaners, receptionists, sales staff and so on.

Agencies also spend more time on the phone to you (convincing you that they are doing a good job) than actually working on your ads.

Only nights and weekends – I am unable to work on your account during regular Australian business hours. This has yet to be a problem, and is unlikely to be. However, if you suddenly decide to change a promotion, it might take 12 hours to be acted upon.

Email is preferred – an initial discussion can be over the phone, but beyond that email is more efficient.

Conversion tracking is strongly encouraged. I can install this on most websites, and it will let you know the return you are getting from your ads. It might require minor changes to your site such as a contact form thank you page. Without this, you are flying blind.

No contract – any ongoing management fees are one month in advance. You can stop at any time.

If your account isn’t requiring much work I will let you know. I won’t receive a fee for an account running on auto-pilot.

You pay Google for ad clicks. You will be paying me to manage your account, and separately you will be paying Google for clicks on your ads, plus taxes like GST.

I am an AdWords specialist. I can certainly manage your Bing accounts and Facebook ads as well. I am good at ad copy, keyword research, conversion tracking and analysing.

I am not a web designer, or a graphic artist, or a content writer. I can help you find someone, but it won’t be me. I cannot create image ads for you.

My fuzzy rate is $150/hr. That means if you are paying me $300 per month, you can expect two hours of nose to the grindstone. If it actually happens to be three hours, no matter. If your account is requiring ten hours, my rate will go up. Ten hours a month is more typical of an online retailer using AdWords, Bing, Google Shopping and remarketing, with new ad copy required each week…

These “extras” are included in ongoing management:

  • conversion tracking installation
  • ad extensions
  • remarketing
  • Google Shopping

I want you to succeed. I’m skilled at what I do, and I feel proud of the successes I help with. It also helps me with word-of-mouth referrals :)

Nothing is guaranteed. I will advise you, and encourage conversion tracking. But ultimately your daily budget, and how long you run your ad account for, is your decision. If I believe you are losing money from advertising, I will tell you.

AdWords is a contest. You will most likely have competitors running ads, and what each of you pay is based on an auction system. Those who can afford the most, usually have the best written ads and convert their leads into customers. If your product is not competitively priced, or doesn’t have a unique aspect, advertising might not help.